welcome to planet nine

The aliens of Planet Nine have made contact with Earth. They come in peace and have granted us a new digital economy that allows us to trade with them.


the next frontier

A digital economy changing the future of microtransactions



Be the first to discover and collect valuable Nineum, the planet’s natural resource and digital-asset.


Build Value

Nineum acts like any other collectable digital-asset. The more you discover, the more your collection is worth.


Give Back

Team up with  Planet Nine to support a more sustainable ecosystem on Planet Earth. As you earn Nineum we will give back to causes that help fight climate change.

Check out our white paper to learn about how Power and Nineum make up Planet Nine’s digital economy.

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Planet Nine is redefining the economic model and user experience of digital currency from the ground up. Nineum is fun and easy to find and we focus on engaging an audience that cares about the sustainability of Planet Earth.


The Planet Nine App will be free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app and associated web APIs utilize iOS and Node.js and are hosted on AWS.


Centralized Non-fungible Tokens

Planet Nine differentiates itself by taking a centralized approach to digital asset ownership. In this way it more closely follows the gaming paradigm than the crypto paradigm. This offers benefits of asset recovery, transaction reversal, and scalability.

ID Cryptography

Planet Nine utilizes the same cryptography that Bitcoin and Ethereum use for account creation and verification.

Gateway APIs

Planet Nine provides Gateway APIs that let any 3rd Party provide interactions that allow users to discover and earn Nineum.


Check out our Developer Kit and integrate Planet Nine into your game or website




Public Demo
Q1 2019


Go Live
Q2 2019


Partnership Program
Q4 2019


Our Team 

Planet Nine is founded in Portland, Oregon. We are a small but mighty team working quickly to get to build the world of Planet Nine. We are passionate about technology, design, and making Planet Earth sustainable.


Zach Babb
Chief Executive Officer

Zach started his career learning Retail Operations Management at Starbucks and Apple before heading back to Reed College to change careers. There he discovered his love of programming and parlayed a startup weekend win into a job at GlobeSherpa where he lead mobile development. In addition to developing killer software, Zach enjoys hiking, brewery hopping, and tinkering with new gadgets and gizmos that appear on the market.


Alex Peter
Chief Design Officer

Alex is passionate about creating technology solutions that empower connected, accessible, and sustainable communities. Previously, she was the Director of Product for moovel North America, focusing on the future of urban mobility. At the startups earliest stage, Alex led the design for the company’s brand and product. She enjoys her house plants, dog sitting, going to local shows, and biking around town.


John Klein

John loves working with technology, solving problems, and building things. It's great being able to do all those things at Planet Nine. John studied Chinese at Reed College and lived in Beijing for a couple years where he worked at a leading Chinese technology company before returning to Portland to focus on software development. Outside of work, he loves to read, travel, and eat and he’ll do just about anything to get outside on a sunny day or up to the mountain when there's snow.

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Whether you’re a curious investor, a master-mind looking for a job, or just someone who wants to stop by and geek out with us, we want to hear from you.